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• Hollywood can't resist a lonely desert or a perfectly carved mountain. Check out 10 memorable movie cameos by national parks, including the scene from "Star Wars" (above left).


• And speaking of films, you may have heard about Steve Carell's latest movie, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" (above middle.) Here's a great story about how the movie director rescued a shelter dog and made him a star. Our pet-loving readers are sure to find some useful tips in this one: Websites every pet owner should bookmark.


• If you often skip breakfast, let these five healthy recipes get you re-energized about the most important meal of the day.


Paris, a walking city• That fuel will help you on the exercise front as well. Perhaps you'll be ready to tackle one of the urban oases in this gallery of the most pedestrian-friendly big cities in the world. (That's Paris at right.)


• Depending on where you live, the city may have some authority over your front yard, but this tale of a woman whose edible garden was ripped up in Tulsa, Okla., takes the cake.


• Lifestyle blogger Starre Vartan explains what coworking is and why she's such a fan.


• Here's one we bet you haven't heard: Sydney Harbor is haunted by sunken garbage, some of it reportedly 200 years old. But volunteer divers are now working to clean up the mess, one piece of trash at a time.


• After visiting Sydney, take a virtual trip to the cities that house some of the world's most popular zoos.


• Resilience is one of the reasons the human race has been so successful, and few things demonstrate that resilience better than how we respond to natural disasters. Remember these cities that rallied after natural disasters 


• Let's wind down with a moment of zen: videos to get you back on track with meditation.


Before you head out the door, check out the full-sized image of this tiger beating the heat and see more great photos with our snapshot archive. Have a great week. 

tiger beats the heat


Movie moments of national parks and shelter dogs, plus much more in the week in review
This week's roundup of offbeat environmental stories also includes healthy breakfast recipes, walkable cities and an interesting fact about Sydney Harbor that m