The inauguration

> Behind the scenes at the green inaugural: Karl Burkart live blogs from D.C.

> If Obama asked our opinion...: Our advice columnist offers the new pres. her unsolicited opinion.

> Obamaramanaguration: If that's not a word, it should be

> Long distance live blogging the inauguration: MNN's Shea Gunther live blogs the inauguration from the comfort of his couch in Maine.

> Ball four!: Peter Dykstra on the green inauguration

> Electric vehicle inauguration parade in LA: Our lifestyle blogger attends and snaps pictures.

> Give Obama a break (for now): Our home blogger on turning the White House green.

> MNN's inauguration photo gallery: Take a peek.

> The Barack Mobile: Will Obama's new limo be a hybrid?

> Green parties: Your invite to a green inaugural ball.

> The inaugural painting: Reflections on inaugural art.

> Party planning tips: From the Green Inaugural Ball.

> Throw a green inauguration party: Our family blogger gives her tips.

> The morning after: Peter Dykstra lets environmentalists weigh in the last and incoming administrations.

The First Family

> Moving day: What the Obamas can do to keep their move to the White House green.

Gone to the dogs: Being eco-friendly with the First Pup.

> Green influences: Malia Obama attends school at a Sidwell Friends Middle School, which is LEED Platinum certified.

> A green doghouse?: Greenrrroof Animal Homes are prefab lodgings worthy of the First Pooch. 


If you go to D.C

> Destination of the week: Patricia Murphy gives you an eco-friendly tour of Washington, D.C.

> Eat green: MNN food blogger Robin Shreeves reviews the Founding Farmer’s restaurant.    


White House: Flickr/MVI

Obama family: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC: Flickr/fotsirk

Obama inauguration coverage
A new green day is on the horizon as the 44th president takes office. Plus: More about the first family.