Week in review images of pitbull, celebrity mom and more

• Pit bulls have a serious public relations problem. Our pet writer — also a proud pitbull owner — explains what dog owners can do to help others understand the breed, even as the headlines cast these dogs in a horrible light.


• You may recognize Mayim Bialik (above) as the star of the '90s TV hit "Blossom," but she's much better known these days for her unconventional parenting techniques. For this and more examples of headline-grabbing  celebrity mothers, read on.


• Lifestyles blogger Starre Vartan has returned from a week away in Barbados, and boy is she zen! Her first post upon return, why vacation is a necessity, is must-read material for anyone who feels the stress monster getting too close. She followed that with another thoughtful read, asking when was the last time you had a meaningful, long conversation? The art of the long conversation isn't lost, she writes, but it needs your proper attention.


• Much like our ancient relatives, modern experts are enthralled with solar eclipses, which provide an excellent opportunity to gather information about the sun in relation to the Earth — and produce some amazing photos.


• If you're a wine aficionado, here's an easy way to try new wines and support sustainable operators, too: organic wine-of-the-month clubs.


• On the off chance you have been living under a rock, we'll gently remind you that it's Mother's Day this weekend. Here are gifts that give back and a slew of ideas for how to say, "Thanks, Mom!"


• Now that the season of baring your feet has arrived, our advice columnist answers a glaring question: How bad are flip-flops for your feet?


• And we'll leave you with this feel-good story: Meet seven heroic pets that have saved lives.


Plus: Sometimes a photo raises more questions than it answers. This one of panda researchers (below) spurred an impromptu name-that-photo contest on our Facebook page that will probably make you smile. 

panda researchers


Pit bulls, celebrity moms, and the lost art of lengthy conversations: MNN's week in review
This week, we've got help for dog owners, parenting 'advice' from celebrity mothers and much more to share, including great photos of solar eclipses.