week in review images including Paul Ryan and volcano

• What would environmental policy look like under Paul Ryan? The U.S. vice presidential candidate is a self-proclaimed "avid outdoorsman," but his policies often draw avid opposition from environmental advocates.


• Volcanoes are one of nature's deadliest and fascinating phenomena. As a resulte, these explosive mountains are surprisingly popular with tourists. Here are seven unforgettable volcano destinations to consider.


• Some primates, such as chimpanzees, have complex facial expressions with many physical and functional similarities to humans. Take a peek at this memorable gallery of primates with expressive faces.


• Speaking of animals, one of the odd qualities about drug lords is their affinity for beautiful wild animals. In fact, they usually own a few creatures — if not a whole zoo's worth. We've compiled a photo gallery of animals that drug lords love.


political books by Obama, RomneyAmazon's new "Election Heat Map" uses data from book sales to reveal a widespread Republican streak among the company's American customers. Russell McLendon breaks down the numbers.


• The West Nile virus is in full swing this summer, and there's reason to be worried. Here's how to know if you're infected with the virus.


• This one qualifies for the most heartbreaking/odd news of the week: A legal fight is brewing in Alabama over a widower's decision to bury his wife in the front yard. 


• And this story ranks right up there on the odd index: the White House has been hit with a Freedom of Information Act request asking for the recipe to the Obama administration's privately brewed Honey Ale.


• Here in the U.S., we take over-the-top dental hygiene for granted, but that's not how it works elsewhere. This is how the rest of the world brushes their teeth.


• And finally, if you buy local, this story might appeal to you. What if you could also invest in a local business? That's the premise behind Smallknot, which links together local business needs with local dollars.