Jill Stein, skeletons and the blood countess

• Ever head of Jill Stein? The U.S. Green Party's presidential candidate (pictured above left) talks with MNN about her "Green New Deal," the politics of climate change, the challenges for third-party candidates and her quest to escape Ralph Nader's shadow.


• Politics may be scary, but skeletons don't have to be. Bone up on their inner beauty with MNN's awesome pop science guide to osseous tissue. Plus: Meet the most prolific female serial killer of all time, the Blood Countess (pictured above right).


• If you've ever fought the crowds in New York City you may see the value in our travel expert's photo gallery: Must-see places best experienced in the off-season. (That's Maui pictured below.)


Hawaii in the off season• The vast and long-lived Roman Empire is credited for many advancements in human civilization. Looking back, our writer says it probably wouldn't have lasted as long as it did without some key environmental advancements.


Why are parents protesting yoga in schools? Lifestyle blogger and yoga fan Starre Vartan explains the ongoing debate in Calfornia. 


• An intense solar flare got the media's attention recently, but how much do we know about this celestial phenomenon? This gallery explains the science and wonder behind 10 intense solar flares.


• If space isn't your thing, let's move on to more practical pursuits, like our auto expert's tips on how to buy a car.


• And perhaps practicality was the winner in this odd tale, too. A home owners' group has nixed a Halloween light show extravaganza made famous by YouTube. Adios, "Party Rock Anthem" house!


• Here's another ugly fight we've all been party to — but have we been in the right side? Bacteria might just be our best friend, says one science and technology writer.


• And finally, if you want to improve your sex life, you might want to change your diet.


Plus: Learn more about Bantu the lion cub and prepare to utter the word "Awwww."

Bantu the lion cub


The Green Party candidate, a bloody claim to history and more in MNN's week in review
Meet 2 women from different walks of life: One's a serial killer and the other is a presidential candidate. Interested? We've got this and more in our weekly ro