weekly review aromatherapy and elephant

• Can the power of scent help you curb bad habits? Lifestyle blogger Starre Vartan explains how she's using aromatherapy to help her lose weight.


• Elephant poaching in Africa is running rampant because of a renewed lust for ivory around the globe. So is there anything you can do to help elephants? Read on for six ways to make a difference. 


• The burning photo above may look like a strange, ancient ritual, but in reality it's just a bunch of college kids in West Virginia burning a couch. It's part of our odd collection of wasteful college football traditions. Go team?!


• Anyone who has tried to type with a cat on the keyboard knows there is much to learn about these mysterious creatures. We started with a simple question: why do cats purr?


• From space, our planet looks like a pristine, peaceful place. Here on Earth, we know better. See seven ways humans are damaging the planet, as seen from NASA images. 


Sunita Williams spacewalk• Destruction means something else entirely when you add a dog to the mix. Courtesy of our long-suffering pet writer, here are five videos of doggie destruction.


• And if you're looking for peaceful, we've got that covered, too: Garden writer Tom Oder takes you on a tour of 13 must-see botanical gardens. You'll be planning your next trip in no time.


• The Clean Water Act will be 40 years old this fall. But amid old legal doubts and new environmental dangers, it may be facing a midlife crisis. Russell McLendon explains why you should be paying attention.


• Some restaurants are pledging to lower the sodium content of their food — and threatening to remove saltshakers from their tables. Food blogger Kimi Harris wonders aloud if it's just a PR stunt.


• Saving money is one the greenest actions you can take. Our money blogger delves into a question that you might ponder this fall: is layaway a good financial move?


We'll leave you with one of the more iconic images of the week — a walk in space. That's a small version of the spacewalk above, but you can see a more impressive photo of Sunita Williams at work here. (It will inspire you to do great things this week.)


The why behind aromatherapy, elephant poaching and more in MNN's week in review
MNN's week in review: Can aromatherapy curb your bad habits? Why do cats purr? Find out what else our curious reporters tracked down this week for our offbeat e