Week in review images of wet cat, Hamburg and rhino

• The lovely architectural photo above was taken through a giant pinhole camera — actually a converted trash bin. Learn more about the creative endeavors of three sanitation workers in Hamburg, Germany.


• It's widely accepted that cats don't like water, but these five swimming, splashing and bathing felines prove to be the exceptions to the rule. (And don't miss this gallery of seven ridiculously expensive cat and dog breeds.)


• When rhinos rebounded from the brink of extinction last century, it was a historic, hard-fought victory for conservationists around the world. But now, within just five years, the global rhino wars have suddenly returned — along with a few 21st-century twists. Explore our infographic.


stargazing illustration• It's prime season for looking at the stars, so we pulled together the seven stargazing events you don't want to miss.


• If your travels of more of the land-based variety, check out these nine unusual but beautiful caves around the world.


• Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and one of our era's more creative philanthropists, has thrown his money behind Blueseed, a floating city for entrepreneurs — ensuring that innovators from overseas don't have to worry about tricky work visas to benefit from the Silicon Valley experience.


• Speaking of thinking big, ever wonder what the future will look like? This collection of 1950s-era photos takes a stab at what they thought today might be like. (They got a few things wrong, like the four-hour workday, but there were a few accurate predictions, too.)


• Three small business owners in the pet industry share their advice and stories, including the pets that inspired them along the way. 


• You know George Lucas as the filmmaker behind the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" triologies, but his unsuccessful quest to build a studio near his home in Marin County is another saga worth sharing. How does he strike back? By offering up the land for affordable housing.  


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Water-loving cats, a new view of Hamburg and more in MNN's week in review
MNN week in review: Not many cats love water, but we found a few characters; Plus, there's an art project in Germany that will leave you wondering about the sec