White house ale label, hurricane, kitty and synagogue

• The White House brew team turned to Kickstarter this week in response to calls for the famous honey ale to be mass-produced. (You want to have a say in how it's done? Here's your chance.) 


Are hurricanes linked to global warming? MNN's Russell McLendon says don't be too quick to blame single storms on climate change, but scientists do expect an overall increase in the most powerful hurricanes as the oceans heat up. 


Planning to board your cat any time soon? Pet expert Morieka Johnson explores a whole new genre of options that keep kitty on high and Fido at bay. While were on the topic of pets, consider this the next time you snuggle with your four-legged family member: 14 diseases you can get from your pet. Ugh!


• On a more inspirational note and as Rosh Hashanah begins, consider these five sustainable synagogues that exemplify the Jewish doctrine of tikkun olam, or repairing the world.


peddlebus in Tampa• Along the same vein, more people are becoming interested in simpler living. They’re trying to take a more local, back-to-basics approaches to everyday life — all of which is good news for the planet. Here are 10 retro activities making a comeback.


• As the song goes: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie ... it's time to look at our cool moon infographic. (Apologies to Dean Martin, but it was too good to pass up.)


• The cities of Tampa and Charlotte hosted the big political conventions this year. After carting around the party faithful, the cities will keep these peddle buses (there's one above), a unique form of human-powered transportation. Learn more about them.


• In more city-centric news, famously liberal Portland, Ore., has had a longstanding policy about fluoride — or lack thereof — in the city water supply. But now the pendulum is swinging the other way. Is a lack of fluoride in city water hurting children's teeth?


• Is chocolate an aphrodisiac or an acne-causer? MNN's Melissa Breyer gives you the skinny on 11 myths about chocolate.


• And finally — because we like to leave the oddest offering for last — Matt Hickman serves up six "Hoarders" episodes you don't want to miss, just as the new TV season kicks off. (Warning: This story may prompt you to clean your closet.) Have a great week, and go recycle something, OK?


White House brewing, hurricanes stewing and more in MNN's week in review
You can help kickstart production of White House Honey Ale, learn about sustainable synagogues and find out why Portland is doubting a decision about fluoride i