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• The Olympics haven't always been so high-brow. In fact, until the mid 20th century, they were downright zany. Here are nine wild Olympic moments that would make the International Olympic Committee shudder. (That's Dorando Pietri, pictured second from left, stumbling to the finish line in 1908.)

• Looking for seclusion on your next vacation? Our compilation of secluded North American beaches offers plenty of calming options, from Olympic National Park (above, left) to Owen Island in the Cayman Islands.

• It's hard to believe that handsome Miles (above right) was once a pitful homeless dog with a bad case of mange. Read his and other against-the-odds pet rescue stories and feel good about your fellow humans.

blood moon• Is raw food safe for your pet? Food blogger Kimi Harris asks the question as the American Veterinary Medical Association meets to consider its policy on the issue.

• Advice expert Chanie Kirschner fesses up about her weather obsession — and looks up from her smartphone long enough to explain the air quality index and why you should take a look at it, too.

• But lets leave Earth for a moment and consider more celestial objects. From a blood moon to a full lunar eclipse, these eight images of lunar eclipses will feed your sense of awe.

• Neither Barack Obama or Mitt Romney has placed much emphasis on science or environmental issues, so a coalition of U.S. scientists is taking them to task. Here are 14 science questions that the presidential candidates need to answer.

• Toss out any old-fashioned ideas you have about tea. Our recipe expert delivers five fresh new ways to enjoy the traditional beverage.

• Also from the food world, blogger Robin Shreeves shares an update from her recent adventure: How 52 small coffee farmers banded together to create a better future in Guatemala.

• Finally, as London welcomes the world for the 2012 Olympic Games, we check in with 10 green athletes going for gold.

Wild Olympic moments, heart-warming pet rescues and more in MNN's week in review
Learn about incredible secluded beaches and green-leaning Olympians in our offbeat environmental update.