wetlands, and Higgs boson for week in review

• Wetlands may conjure images of alligators, but there's much more wildlife to see in these mysterious places. Travel writer Josh Lew takes you on a tour of eight wetlands for nature lovers and adventure-seekers alike.


• In honor of Independence Day, we've compiled a gallery of patriotic national parks aimed at travelers who want to inject a dose of history into their summertime adventures.


• It's not every week that "Higgs boson" becomes a part of the daily conversation, but this week it did ... and how. The unconfirmed discovery of the "God particle" — a particle thought to give all other matter its mass — could improve our understanding of space, time and much more. Russell McLendon explains why it's such a big deal. (That's the collider at CERN, above right, where much of this discussion is centered.)


California coast• America’s 95,000 miles of coastlines are among the most scenic on the planet, from sandy white beaches to rocky cliffs. Some these beautiful coastlines remain threatened, but for each one, there's at least one group rising to their defense.


• Humans have unwittingly been helping invasive insects and diseases get a foothold in regional forests — with devastating results. Here's one reason you should always "shop local" when it comes to finding firewood for your campfire.


• Did you enjoy any fireworks this week? Most people did, and while the explosions can be exhilarating, the environmental consequences of fireworks are sobering.


• Seems like all sorts of products are touting sea salt these days, but is sea salt any better for you than table salt? Food blogger Robin Shreeves tracks down the answer. 


• Our lifestyles blogger traveled to Vermont recently for a music and yoga festival — and she returned with a new appreciation for hooping, which combines dance moves with hula hooping for a fun change of pace. 


• And finally, here's an offbeat list that might make your head hurt: 43 ways to trigger a headache. We hope you run across none of them this weekend.


Plus: Did you see this technicolor grove of "Supertrees" (below)? Find out more.

supertrees in singapore


Wild wetlands, patriotic parks and more in MNN's week in review
In our weekly environmental roundup, we explore wetlands for nature-loving travelers and why a discovery dubbed the 'God particle' is creating fireworks around