week in review: teen sailor, spa treatments, roadside attractions

• Most people who think about sailing a boat around the world by themselves generally have years of sailing experience under their belts. But for every 10 gray-haired circumnavigators, there's one teen seeking the ultimate adventure. Meet five teens who have sailed around the world — solo (including Laura Dekker, above.)


• The mere site of fish nibbling feet makes me vaguely uncomfortable ... yet curious. Feel the same way? Here are eight strange but popular spa treatments for your reading discomfort.


• With summer just around the corner, it's time to start planning your next great American road trip. But this year, skip the world's largest ball of twine and instead hit up some of the country's greenest roadside attractions. These eight offbeat stops are all made from salvaged materials.


• Ever wonder how truck drivers stay fit? For many, it's tough, but the road to wellness has been improved with the addition of driver wellness programs and an expanding number of truck-stop gyms.


emerald ash borer• Exotic beetles are killing America's ash trees, a popular source of wood for baseball bats. Find out why blogger Russell McLendon is calling the emerald ash borer the real "Green Monster."


• Several volcanoes around the globe have been making rumbling noises lately. But this isn't a prediction story; it's more of an appreciation. Take a look at nine major volcanoes as seen from space.


• Our pet expert, Morieka Johnson, tackles a hefty question this week: how to help your dog lose weight. Read on for her many tips and toys.


• Life would be much easier if kids jus did as they we're told, but our parenting blogger offers a different view. She says there's a worthwhile payoff to teaching your child how to argue effectively.


• Do gas prices have you wondering if you should buy an electric car? It depends on where you live, says a new report, because some states force you to charge up from a dirty coal grid. But that's just a snapshot, and the long-term outlook favors EVs, says auto blogger Jim Motavalli.


• And finally, let's end on a high note, with the best animal photos of the month, including these inquisitive bear cubs with their mother.

bear cubs

Photo: Franziska Kraufmann/AFP/Getty Images

Young sailors, foot-nibbling fish and more from MNN's week in review
Meet the teens who have sailed around the globe — alone, no less — and plan a summer outing around one of these offbeat roadside attractions, which also al