Who is Zac Goldsmith?

The New York Times says, “He is a 34-year-old chain-smoking multimillionaire who was kicked out of Eton, and pushes an activist environmental agenda that is more Greenpeace than Al Gore.”

… and he’s running for Parliament in the Conservative Party.

Why would such a young and hip schmoozer want to run for office, especially in the Conservative Party? Goldsmith says, “You know I don’t really have faith in politicians — this is quite a sleazy business. But there is no law which says that all politicians will turn out to be scumbags.” He’s a huge supporter of eating locally and organically, has a passion for smaller, individually owned stores, drives a Prius, and doesn’t really think any of that is a big deal.

Plus, you know, he’s got that oh-so-special cool factor going on. He’s a virgin politician, rolls his own cigarettes, commands a room with Obama-esque appeal, was kicked out of boarding school, and even raises his own livestock and grows his own food on his 300-acre farm.

What’s not to like?

Well for starters, he’s a virgin politician, rolls his own cigarettes, was kicked out of boarding school, and is a multimillionaire playboy who allegedly likes his women.

Yeah, all of the things that many people like about Frank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith are the very things that make others question his credentials. The New York Times reports, “I just haven’t decided,” Carol Hegedus, a middle-age voter, said after seeing Goldsmith at an event. “He is a good environmentalist, but there is an unknown quality to him.”

Could a green Conservative really take a seat in Parliament? Could green conservatives follow suit here in the U.S. and begin to emerge as well?

You be the judge … just don’t let the chain-smoking playboy part affect your decision. 

Zac Goldsmith: Environmental Playboy for Parliament
Britain may soon see its first multimillionaire playboy politician (who also happens to be an über green member of the Conservative Party).