In "After Earth," the new sci-fi film starring Will Smith and his son Jaden, humans decide to abandon planet Earth after a series of cataclysmic environmental events force an evacuation into space. (In case you're curious, the film is getting absolutely crushed by critics.) In a new publis service announcement for NASA, Jaden Smith explans how the space agency is working to prevent that fictional future from becoming a reality.

"NASA has a fleet of satellites around the planet that keeps track of climate change and studies how humans are affecting the planet," Smith says in the PSA. "At NASA right now, scientists and engineers are working every day to help humans learn how to better care for their home so that we never have to leave."

This isn't the first time NASA has hooked up with a Hollywood film to promote its own efforts. The most memorable I can think of was James Cameron fronting a bit for "Avatar" back in 2010. Like Jaden, his enthusiasm for the promo was a bit, well, lacking. Perhaps NASA should come up with a more engaging way to highlight its work?

Check out Smith below.

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'After Earth' star Jaden Smith fronts new NASA PSA
Actor plugs the space agency and its efforts to monitor the planet and keep track of threats to our existence.