While it's not the strongest of the previews we've seen (that honor belongs to the July Comic-Con sneak), the latest trailer for Christopher Nolan's space drama "Interstellar" will definitely give you some chills. 

Mixed with a new preview of Hans Zimmer's score, we're given additional glimpses of the alien world Matthew McConaughey and his crew discover, including one moment featuring a tsunami of alien proportions. 

Scene from Interstellar

The only reason I'd say this trailer doesn't play as well is because it lacks a bit of the family angle that made the others so powerful. This version is more space-focused — which definitely looks amazing — but falls flat on the drama. Then again, Nolan is known for holding his cards close to his chest, so that's also part of the fun. 

As we get closer to the Nov. 7 release date, we're also getting some excellent featurettes that explain some of the science behind the film's plot. The latest features physicist Kip Thorne and his consulting on the subject of wormholes, black holes and interstellar travel. 

"For the depictions of the wormhole and black hole, we discussed how to go about it and then I worked out the equations that would enable the tracing of light rays as they travel through a wormhole or around a black hole," says Thorne in the short video. "So what you see is based on Einstein's general relativity equations."

Check out both previews below. 

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Final 'Interstellar' trailer will leave you eager for November
Director Christopher Nolan also releases a featurette revealing the science behind the new film.