For a brilliant new advert for season five of his widely praised series "Through the Wormhole" on The Science Channel, host Morgan Freeman skews what's possibly his greatest trademark: his voice. 

"In unusual situations," he says before inhaling a breath of helium, "you don't always get what you expect."

What results is the transformation of a voice akin to a warm fire on a dark cold night to something along the lines of the little brother to the Wicked Witch of the West. It's hilarious - and thankfully, temporary. 

Check out the video below. "Through the Wormhole," which explores some of the deepest mysteries of the existence, returns to The Science Channel on June 4th. 

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Morgan Freeman inhaling helium is today's greatest moment ever
Host of the Science Channel's 'Through The Wormhole' shows us how you don't always get what you expect.