We've all seen time-lapse videos of Earth from space. They can be both humbling and comforting, making our feats and failures seem insignificant while reminding us that, at least for our insatiable species, the sky isn't actually the limit.

There's a new one, though, released this week by filmmaker David Peterson, that elevates the genre even further (figuratively). Titled "The World Outside My Window," it's still a mix of astronaut photography from the 230-mile-high International Space Station, but its shot selection, pacing and soundtrack make it one of the most stirring videos of its kind.

And while Earth is still the main attraction, this video adds a behind-the-scenes feel by casting the ISS in a prominent supporting role. As Peterson explains on YouTube, the goal of this compilation was to "bring a bit more attention to the station itself, including the humans aboard it." One of those humans, astronaut Don Pettit, took many of the photos featured in this video and appropriately makes a cupola cameo in the final shot.

Check out the video below, ideally at 1080p and full-screen:

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