The International Space Station offers a stellar view of the Earth from above, captured in recent time-lapse videos like this, this and this. But it also offers a more literally stellar view — of stars — that's often overlooked in favor of Earth-centric footage.


Photographer Alex Rivest decided to remedy this, producing a slick time-lapse video of stars as seen from the ISS. This was possible thanks to NASA's Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, a free photo database kept by the agency's Image Science & Analysis Laboratory. As Rivest writes on Vimeo, "I think it is awesome that NASA shares all of these images and encourages us to use/share them."


In addition to redirecting our attention farther skyward, Rivest also adds some novelty with his choice of background music. Time-lapse videos like this tend to feature sweeping, dramatic orchestral music or ethereal atmospherics, but Rivest opts for a lighter, jazzier approach — and low-Earth orbit never sounded so smooth.



[Via Bad Astronomy]


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