A former NORAD officer has made some bold predictions about alien visits and carbon pollution.

Stanley A. Fulham’s "Challenges of Change" predicts that Oct. 13, 2010, is the day when aliens will hover above the world’s largest cities. Reports about the book say the aliens will simply present themselves and will not communicate because in the past, “their sudden intervention has caused fear and panic.”

So what's the purpose of the visit? Well, of course the aliens’ visit is all about global warming. This initial visit is, supposedly, just the first part of a process to gain mankind’s acceptance for removing poisonous gases from the Earth’s atmosphere in 2015.

Apparently these extra terrestrials, known as the Transcendors, are old aliens who have seen global warming destroy other planets in the past. Fulham is said to have been in communication with these guys for years, and he claims the Transcendors have some dire predictions including dirty nuclear weapons being used around the planet. Of all of his dire predictions, Fulham says global warming is the one humans will not be able to overcome.

So, yeah, I guess this could be a pretty big deal. Perhaps it's the break many environmentalists have been waiting for? I encourage people to check out this analysis of Fulham’s book— and keep an eye out if you live in a major city.

UFO visit will warn us about global warming, says author
Former NORAD officer says aliens are coming on Oct. 13 to warn us about the dangers of gases released into the atmosphere.