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10 historic images of rocket launches

By: Katherine Butler on May 19, 2012, 6:41 a.m.
launch of a supersonic Skidmark N-motor at XPRS 2011

Photo: Steve Jurvetson/flickr

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Punching through the clouds

Not all rockets are built by NASA. NASA encourages responsible amateur rocketry, noting that “were it not for a handful of hobbyists, space flight would have never gotten off the ground.” They cite the experts who launched the first rockets in both America and the Soviet Union as young astronomy enthusiasts who spent the Depression-era 1930s forming rocketry clubs. Consequently, NASA offers a rocketry resource for those interested in building their own model rockets. Pictured here is the launch of a supersonic Skidmark N-motor at the rocketry event, XPRS 2011.