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10 images from NASA's Spitzer telescope

By: Katherine Butler on Nov. 9, 2011, 9:22 a.m.
colorful image of star cluster

Photo: Spitzer Science Center/California Institute of Technology

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Coronet cluster in X-ray and infrared

The Spitzer telescope is designed to detect infrared radiation, which is primarily heat radiation, according to NASA. The telescope has two major compartments: the Cryogenic Telescope Assembly, which is home to the 85-centimeter telescope and three space instruments; and the spacecraft that controls the telescope, powers the instruments, and processes the scientific data for Earth. The result is magnificent pictures, such as the one here of the Corona Australis region, considered "one of the nearest and most active regions of ongoing star formation ... [showing] the Coronet in X-rays from Chandra (purple) and infrared from Spitzer (orange, green, and cyan)."