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10 places on Earth that resemble alien planets

By: Bryan Nelson on March 1, 2013, 1:03 p.m.
rover on Devon Island

Photo: Matthew C. Deans/NASA

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Devon Island, Canada

Canada's Devon Island is the largest uninhabited island on Earth. While its desolate landscape may not make it an ideal location for a summer vacation home, it does make the perfect place for testing out rover technology for trips to Mars. Aside from its striking resemblance to the Red Planet's rocky, dry landscape, Devon Island is also home to the 12-mile-long Haughton crater, which is similar to the crater-strewn topography on Mars.

The site is the home of the Haughton-Mars Project, an international interdisciplinary field research project, funded in part by NASA, designed to study how human explorers might one day live and work on Mars.