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7 memorable UFO-inspired images from NASA and beyond

By: Katherine Butler on Aug. 7, 2012, 6:39 p.m.
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Photo: NASA

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Have UFOs flanked NASA's Apollo missions?

On April 27, 1972, astronauts Thomas Mattingly, Charles Duke and John Young recorded four seconds of video footage on the moon of an alleged flying saucer. NASA describes the image taken on the Apollo 16 mission: “the object appears momentarily near the moon. As the camera pans, it moves out of the field of view. It reappears as the camera pans back. It appeared in about 50 frames.” But was it really a UFO? Years later, the space agency concluded that it was merely the EVA [spacewalk] floodlight/boom of the Apollo spacecraft. This is not the only time NASA has seen strange things in space. Click here to see NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin discuss a UFO sighting on the Apollo 11 mission.