If you're looking for a special gift, remember that meteorites are the new chocolates.

From delicate jewelry to uncommon accessories, meteorites offer more versatility than you might expect. Consider these options for budgets of many sizes:

1. Give an actual meteorite

Small Hunk of Genuine Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite on Amazon ($18.95)

This can be used as a good luck charm or as part of a collection. If you're crafty, purchase it and make your own meteorite gift.

2. From shooting stars to dangling earrings

Shooting Star Meteorite Earrings on Uncommon Goods ($52)

Elegant and unusual, these earrings are understated and interesting. They are also part of a set containing a companion necklace and bracelet.

3. Space rock and roll

A guitar pick made from meteoriteThis meteorite guitar pick allegedly helps to produce a 'very bold sound.' (Photo: Ferbers)

Meteorite Guitar Pick by Ferbers Unique Fine Jewelry ($77)

This could be a fun gift for the stellar musician in your life.

4. All that glitters is meteorite

Meteorite Studs in Silver by SilverSunJewelry on Etsy ($39)

Make someone's ears happy with these delicate earrings.

5. Space flair for a French cuff shirt

Silver cufflinks set with iron meteorite These out-of-this-world cuff links use fragments from the Campo Del Cielo iron meteorite. (Photo: IanBarrettJewellery/Etsy)

Solid Silver Cufflinks Set With Real Iron Meteorite by IanBarrettJewellery on Etsy ($83.40)

These cufflinks are a stylish conversation piece. How often can you wear space on your sleeve?

6. Whimsical elegance for the wrist

Sterling Silver Swirly Meteorite Bracelet on I Love Science ($103)

This bracelet is both funky and elegant – and will show off true nerd cred with style.

7. A charming addition

Meteorite Bead for Pandora Bracelets by Jewelry By Johan ($109)

Jazz up a Pandora-style bracelet with a space charm.

8. When wood and meteorite collide

Meteorite and Maple Ring by GrandJunctionGuy on Etsy ($215)

An unusual combination makes this a special ring for a special someone.

9. A space statement necklace

Meteorite shard set in a silver star necklace The meteorite shard is from the Campo del Cielo meteorite. (Photo: MoonUntoMars/Etsy)

Silver Star Meteorite Space Pendant by MoonUntoMars on Etsy ($55.59)

This necklace merges meteorites and stars into a lovely piece of jewelry.

10. Watch the skies

Muonionalusta Meteorite Self Winding Watch by Starborn Creations ($748)

There is something especially alluring about a timepiece made from space rock that hit the Earth eons ago. Both men's and women's watches are available.

11. Splurge on a handy gift

Meteorite Folding Pocket Knife by David Yurman ($2,950)

This is sure to be a hit for the stylish MacGyver-type in your life. If you're seeking fine jewelry rather than shiny blades, David Yurman offers an entire Gibeon meteorite line.

11 great gifts made from meteorites
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