Astronaut Scott Kelly is near the end of his yearlong mission aboard the International Space Station, which he started in March 2015. He's the first American to spend a continuous year in space, and his goal is to study what long-term impact space flight has on the body.

During his months in space, Kelly has certainly been enjoying the amazing view and he's been sharing his experiences on social media. During a Reddit AMA when he fielded questions from Earth-bound humans, Kelly said when he's back in the real world, "I will appreciate nature more."

In the meantime, here are some breathtaking photographs Kelly shot and shared online via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #ColorsinSpace. The photos were taken about 220 miles above the Earth.

"My favorite spot on Earth to see from space is probably the Bahamas," Kelly told Redditors. "The brilliant and varied colors of the blue water and contrast from here is pretty spectacular."

Here are Kelly's beautiful photos:

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Scott Kelly's postcards from space will make you fall in love with Earth all over again
Astronaut Scott Kelly shares gorgeous images of our planet from his perch on the International Space Station.