When it comes to carving pumpkins, the engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab get serious about their jack-o'-lanterns. They're not content with some triangle-shaped features and a flickering candle. Take a look at what transpired at the lab's annual pumpkin-carving competition.

The participants only had an hour to build their high-tech creations, according to Wired. They ranged from a swinging carousel and a space telescope to a Pac-Man pumpkin and a "useless machine" that turned itself off as soon as it was turned on. There was no actual winner because the competition isn't technically judged.

NASA engineer Aaron Yazzie was there and tweeted videos of some of the jaw-dropping entries:

The only bad thing about looking at these spectacular creations? They make your own pumpkin look, well, less than amazing.

Sorry, kids. Guess it takes a rocket scientist to build an amazing jack-o'-lantern.

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When rocket scientists carve pumpkins ...
There were some amazing creations at the annual pumpkin-carving contest at NASA"s Jet Propulsion Lab.