Green, wispy light of the aurora borealis

Photo: Melanie Hakala Rossi

Nature's light show

A deep green auroral display is captured early Sunday morning from the Calumet Waterworks on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan.


The dazzling lights, which could be seen as far south as New York and Michigan, were fueled by a particularly strong solar storm that emitted X-class solar flares from the sun on July 12.


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Cresent moon with Jupiter and Venus

Photo: Cory Poole

Jupiter and Venus line up for stargazers

The aurora borealis wasn't the only event that lured stargazers out in the middle of the night. In addition to the fantastical lights, the night sky was adorned with the planetary alignment of Jupiter and Venus next to the crescent moon in this photo taken by astrophotographer Cory Poole in the early morning of July 15 over Redding, Calif.


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Photo: Northern lights, planets put on a show
The dazzling auroras, which could be seen as far south as Michigan and New York, were the product of strong X-class solar flares that burst from the sun on July