Life on Mars has long been the subject of speculation, from the earliest astronomers to H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” to recent “photos” of Sasquatch on Mars. But are Martians building factories that spew smoke in the very face of NASA? Yes, according to Emory Professor Courtney Brown, founder the Farsight Institute. As reports (and debunks) a mysterious photograph “shows” a large dome spewing smoke on the red planet, proving life on Mars.

A new photo on Mars, shown here, caught the attention of Brown and others. As Brown described the anomaly, "Here at the top you see a spray.... a straight nozzle that's horizontally placed, and what looks like a pipeline going into a dome... below there's also a very large dome that is highly reflective, it looks like it's made of some sort of resin material." Brown goes on to point out that there are no known geological process that produce a geyser out of a dome -- at least on Earth.

Brown asked a team of physics to look into the matter. Some concluded that a series of tunnels exist under the smoky dome. Other thought that the domes were part of a U.S. military conspiracy. As reports, the issue will go far in promoting Brown’s Farsight Institute which markets books and seminars on remote-viewing research.

Science easily debunked this latest theory of life on Mars. Besides the fact that psychics confirmed Brown’s claims, points out that only a probe sent to the surface would be able to ascertain red planet machinery. Also, the fact that this Martian “geyser” doesn’t resemble one on Earth is meaningless – since geography and atmosphere are obviously different on the red planet.

Brown’s claims bring to mind the infamous “Face on Mars” incident, when a 1976 picture of the Mars surface looked like an Egyptian pharaoh’s head. Later photographs showed the “face” to be a trick of lighting and geography.

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