Man has walked on the moon and in space, but what other physical feats can be performed in zero gravity? What if men and women were to travel to Mars, a mission that might take around two years to complete. Considering astronauts would be in close quarters for the duration, some argue that it's only a matter of time and biology that sex will happen. Regardless, NASA remains silent on the subject. As FOX News reports, the Journal of Cosmology recently explored the issue with a special issue, “Sex on Mars.” 

Dr. Rhawn Joseph of the Brain Research Laboratory in California is the author of one chapter on the possibility of sex on Mars. As he told FOX News, “The Antarctic is comparable to space: It’s extremely cold down there and you spend a lot of time indoors. So NASA and lot of organizations think that’s a great analog to what it’ll be like on Mars. And we see that researchers will go down there for extended periods of time in these extremely hostile conditions, and women will get pregnant. It’s just part of normal behavior.”

As FOX News reports, Joseph considered the implications of anti-gravity in space and even how a child might develop if born on Mars. But NASA retains a notoriously tight-lipped position on sex in space. As FOX News reports, the space agency refers to a code calling for astronauts to conduct themselves in an “honorable” manner.

But have they? As The Guardian reports, Pierre Kohler is a science writer who claims that sexual interactions have happened on both NASA and Russian space missions. As Kohler told The Guardian, "The issue of sex in space is a serious one. The experiments carried out so far relate to missions planned for married couples on the future International Space Station, the successor to Mir. Scientists need to know how far sexual relations are possible without gravity." But Kohler cited a “confidential” NASA report about a 1996 space shuttle mission in which different sexual positions in space were explored. This report was later determined to be a hoax.

Some argue that if NASA is going to turn a deaf ear to the subject of space sex, then someone must take up its study. Who will step forward? As FOX News reports, Joseph calls for the space agencies to send husband-and-wife teams into space to study sex for the future of space travel and possibly mankind.

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