The Quadrantid meteors peaked Jan. 3-4, an especially narrow window for spotting anything in the night sky. On top of that, the meteor shower's radiant point — where the meteors appear to originate — was pretty far north in the Northern Hemisphere, which makes it even more difficult to spot them.

That didn't stop YouTube user poochen geez from getting out a camera in St. Ives, a port town in Cornwall, and filming the night sky on Jan. 3. Poochen's efforts were not in vain. The skywatcher was only able to see a couple of Quadrantids with the naked eye, but the time-lapse recording reveals much more, with meteors streaking across the sky.

The next chance for a good meteor shower is in late April with the Lyrids, so get ready now and find a prime stargazing spot!

Quadrantids soar in time-lapse video
The Quadrantid meteor shower peaked this week, and a skygazer in Cornwall got some nice shots.