How do you get the best possible view of the southern lights? One lucky group of people were able to experience the aurora australis by airplane, and it looks incredible.

Flying aboard a specially chartered Air New Zealand flight, 134 people took a seven-hour trip along the Antarctic Circle and soaked up the view. Astronomer Ian Griffin, director of the Otago Museum in Dunedin, New Zealand, organized the flight following his own experience with the southern lights aboard an airplane. Tickets were sold only in pairs, windows and middle seats only. Economy tickets were $2,776 a pair while business tickets were $5,972.

The flight was well worth the cost, judging from the video above and some of the photographs posted to social media by the passengers.

"I thought it was absolutely brilliant," Griffin told the Associated Press. "We were right under it. There were beautiful streamers, auroral streamers. This green-colored stuff that moves quickly, it looks like you're looking into a green, streaky river."

Griffin is mulling another chartered flight next year, and it will possibly be on a larger jet. (Better start saving now!)

Take a flight through the aurora australis
Passengers aboard an Air New Zealand flight got up close and personal with the southern lights.