Hear what these people say they have done (or not done) to be more environmentally responsible. What will happen if Jonathan thinks they haven't done enough? Check back every Tuesday for a new episode of "On the Streets". (Jonathan Kesselman)

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Jonathan Kesselman: What have you done this year to be more environmentally responsible?
>> Well, I have a recycling bin and I recycle.
>> I switched all my light bulbs to like, you know, the energy saving light bulbs.
>> Picked up garbage and stuff along the road.
Kesselman: What things have you done to be responsible with the environment?
>> [indistinct foreign language]
Kesselman: What’s that?
>> [indistinct foreign language]
Kesselman: What have you done this year to be more environmentally responsible?
>> Umm…nothing.
>> Recycle.
Kesselman: Hmm mm.
>> Reduce. Reuse.
Kesselman: The R’s, right. Okay.
>> Yeah, the R’s.
Kesselman: And?
>> Tons of things. Tons of things.
Kesselman: Such as?
>> Such, I don’t know.
>> Volunteer work, like this for example.
Kesselman: This is just putting money in. This is not really helping the environment though, is it?
>> Well, it’s like helping people to stay off the street and not be homeless.
Kesselman: That’s a great cause but I’m talking about the environment. If the world explodes, and we get a fiery fireball death, I mean, we’re all homeless basically if we were dead.
>> Yeah, that’s true.
Kesselman: So I mean, what else have you done?
>> Not much, I guess.
Kesselman: So basically you just bought a hybrid car, and that’s like, I’m good, I’m done.
>> Yeah.
Kesselman: I use energy efficient light bulbs. I unplug my cell phone charger. I do two things. And you do one. And so, that makes me better than you and um, sorry. Thank you for hurting the planet.
>> I’m not trying to.
Kesselman: Apparently, people in Tokyo don’t care. I don’t want to generalize, but.
>> Maybe it’s just me.
Kesselman: You’re not really a good citizen of the planet earth, are you?
>> No, I guess not.
Kesselman: Go kill the planet. Go kill the planet.
>> What I can say?
Kesselman: You know, what can you say? I mean, I don’t want to come off as angry, but [indistinct]
>> I don’t know what are you saying.
Kesselman: That’s Hindi. You don’t speak Hindi properly. My dialect is from the south.
>> [indistinct]
Kesselman: All right. Take care. Good luck.