When it comes to gardening, I have what you might call a black thumb — and that's not easy for this greenie to admit.

It's not that I try to kill plants on sight, and it's certainly not that I don't love them, but no matter how hard I try to get things growing, they don't exactly thrive under my care.

So I am ever-so grateful for the folks who do have green thumbs. Those folks who can magically turn a bleak landscape into a garden lush with life. And the farmers who can turn an empty plot of land into food for my family.  

As an ode to these greenies, and to those like me who love plants even if plants don't necessarily love us — may I present these 50 insane facts about plants. I can't decide which fact is most impressive, the number of plant species used in medicine (70,000); the age of some varieties of plants that have been found on the Yemeni island of Socotra (20 million years); or the length of the world's longest cucumber (1.1 meters.)

Keep reading to the end and you'll be glad you did. Who knew plants could actually "wave" to insects to attract them?

50 Insane Facts About Plants

50 Insane Facts About Plants [Infographic] by the team at chadwicks.ie

50 insane facts about plants [Infographic]
From record-breaking sunflowers to the amazing number of plants used in medicine, this post is loaded with factoids about all of your favorite greenery.