... just kidding, there's only one reason.

A few of my regular readers have asked me why my writing frequency has dropped off here on MNN. After almost two years of daily blogging I've changed things up a bit and am writing a lot more photo gallery list articles. I don't want my writing to ever get stale and the shift in focus has been a really nice change of pace. MNN is a fantastic place to work and they have given me an extraordinary amount of flexibility to write what I want. I'm still posting the occasional shorter and longer form posts, but at least for the next few months will continue to focus on photo gallery list articles.

Here are a couple of my recent lists:

7 famous albino animals

9 of the craziest things made of wood

and a few oldies but goodies

8 influential green websites (besides MNN)

8 moments that shaped the environmental movement

6 good things Richard Nixon did for the environment

6 foods we could lose in an outbreak

And my all-time favorite:

Top 10 ways to prepare for the total breakdown of society without looking like a (complete) lunatic

I've written a bunch of other lists that will be published over the next few months, so stay tuned.

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7 reasons why I'm posting less frequently
Here are some links to some of the stories I've been working on here at MNN.