When 89-year-old Nancy Underwood of Chideock in Dorset, England needs to cross the street, she is forced to take a 14-mile bus ride to accomplish the task. (This is not from an Onion article.)

The Daily Mail reports that the grandmother of five takes four bus rides and travels 14 miles to visit the shops and post office across the street from her home because the traffic is too heavy for her to walk across. She's been doing it since she moved to the area in 2005.

A trip to a nearby town to visit other shops is capped by an extra eight miles of unnecessary bus rides to get back on her side of the road.

Sheer madness.

Thankfully the local council plans to install a pedestrian crossing later this year. I imagine the first crossing for Mrs. Underwood will be a sweet one indeed.

It's kind of crazy that it's taken the community this long to fix the problem, but unfortunately it's all too common — most roads were and are built without any thought for pedestrians and bike riders. You can find it in Connecticut, New York, California, Texas and dozens of other states. In the developing world traffic accidents between cars and pedestrians and bike riders are a well-known problem.

It's getting better every year, but we still have a long way to go.

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89-year-old pensioner rides bus 14 miles to cross the street
When Nancy Underwood wants to visit the shops across the street from her home, it takes her ninety minutes and four bus rides to do it.