Light pollution is one of the small tragedies of modern living. Humanity's collective array of street lamps, house lights, shopping center signs, and car headlights blot out all but the brightest of the night sky's features. The amazing and dynamic night sky gets reduced to a smear of dark with a handful of points of light, maybe the moon if it's feeling in the mood.

My buddy Leon Godwin (star of Trek, one of the best movies ever shot on the Appalachian Trail) recently hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and shot this amazing photo of a night sky free from light pollution.

The photo was taken at 2am, the light you see touching the mountain peak is from the rising moon.

It's sad that most people living in the modern world will never see a true night sky in person.

Click over to view Leon's photograph in a larger format. Make sure to view the rest of his collection, he's a super talented photographer.

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A view of the galaxy, free from light pollution
Light pollution steals from us the view of the universe in which we live. Check out this beautiful photograph taken high in the Sierra Nevada of an unblemished