UPDATE: We have a winner! Scroll down to read who won the two bottles.

Happy Tuesday!

To help celebrate the second day of the work week, I thought it'd be a great time for a give-away.

The folks over at Nalgene were kind enough to mail me some of their new designs so I could give them away to you, my readers. Check 'em out.


The Nalgen On the Fly holds 24 ounces of liquid and makes drinking easy with it's pop-off hinged top.

The Nalgene Multi-drink is great for kids and people who like to sip their liquids. It has a flip out straw and a small screw off top nozzle that lets you guzzle your liquids should the straw prove to provide too low of a flow.

I have two On the Fly bottles and two Multi-drink bottles to give away. I'm going to give one of each kind to my readers here on MNN and the remaining two to my Facebook Fans (if you join up there you can take a crack at winning all four bottles).

So here's how to win here on MNN- leave a comment here on this blog post with your answer to the following question:

- Did the BP oil spill change, in any way, how you live? Do you use more public transportation, eshew bottled water, drive more efficiently? Did it make any lasting impact at all on your life?

I will randomly select two winners from the first 20 people to respond in comments here on this post by rolling a twenty sided die twice (should I roll doubles I'll just keep rolling until I get a second unique number).

Please either leave your email address in your comment or check back here in a week so you can contact me should you be selected as a winner.

Happy commenting!!

UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNAH!!! Here are the 20 lucky commenters who first chimed in: #1- Andrew, #2- Melanie, #3- Alex, #4- Chris Sorel, #5- Kira, #6- Sheena Caines, #7- Patrick Alvarez, #8- Jessica Meeker, #9- Dave, #10- Ross Saxton, #11- Nicole H., #12- Ivy, #13- Nick Furlong, #14- Patrick H. Alvarez, #15- Cerridwen Johnson, #16- Mason Borth, #17- Jon, #18- Duane White, #19- K Lively, #20- P B.

I rolled a twenty sided die twice and first came up with #2 and then #17, making Melanie and Jon our winners!!! I don't have an email for either, so I'll ask that both contact me at sheagunther@gmail.com to arrange shipping.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone else who left their thoughts.

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Another Nalgene giveaway
Swing in here for a chance to win a couple of cool new Nalgene bottles by answering this question- has the BP oil spill changed how you live?