Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch was another recipient of Aquafina's ill conceived marketing campaign promoting its new "green" (aka less polluting) water bottle design. He gave it a review worthy of Aquafinas efforts by giving the bottled water to his dog Laguna.

So Laguna definitely like the taste of Aquafina water (she also eats dirt, and enjoys licking my feet). Next was the durability test. It took her about ten seconds to destroy the bottle, which isn’t good. Pepsi removed about half the plastic from the new bottles, and they clearly aren’t going to hold up to any kind of sustained attacked from a large, well-toothed canine

Overall I’d say that Aquafina water is absolutely good enough for my dog to drink, and the bottles make fun albeit short-lived chew toys to distract her.

Hilarious! I wonder if someone(s) in the marketing department at Aquafina is having a bad week. They should be.

Michael found a great Penn & Teller video about the stupidity of Bottle Water, enjoy.

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Aquafinas marketing fail keeps rolling
TechCrunch, one of the most read blogs on the internet, got their hands, or should I say jaws, on one of Aquafinas new plastic water bottles. The verdict- it's