Neatly ordered objects: Red leaves

Photos courtesy of Ja Soon Kim

For many artists, the process of creating is often more fulfilling than setting eyes on the finished work.

Ja Soon Kim, a yoga teacher and artist based in Sante Fe, New Mexico, achieves a kind of peace through all the steps in the process of creating her meticulous arrangements of leaves, flowers, seashells, feathers, stones and other natural objects.

Kim's beautiful arrangements are a result of her penchant for collecting, which she describes as "a form of meditative contemplation." The organic collectibles in her photography are foraged from a variety of locations, most commonly during walks near her home in New Mexico, but also in more far-flung places such as California, Hawaii and South Korea.

After she's gathered her objects, the meditative experience continues with the process of organizing each arrangement, which requires patience and focus. The final step is to photograph and share her creations with others, most commonly through her Instagram (@omjsk).

"Archiving/documenting what I collect is my obsession and joy," she writes on her blog. "Sharing them through photography is a fairly new passion. I am a curator by nature. I enjoy editing and picking through things that I consider priceless treasures."

Continue below to see more of Kim's thoughtful arrangements.

Neatly ordered objects: Dried flowers and leaves
Neatly ordered objects: Shells from Haeundae Beach in Busan, South Korea
Neatly ordered objects: Christmas
Neatly ordered objects: Shedding to grow
Neatly ordered objects: Wasabi hearts
Neatly ordered objects: Lambs Ear flow
Neatly ordered objects: Winter colors
Neatly ordered objects: Dried apples
Neatly ordered objects: Dried trumpet flowers
Neatly ordered objects: High desert evergreens
Neatly ordered objects: Sea urchins in snow
Neatly ordered objects: Winter cleaning purge
Neatly ordered objects: Feathers and watch
Neatly ordered objects: Ginkgo from Seoul
Neatly ordered objects: Fallen elm
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Artist creates beautiful order from foraged objects
Artist collects and neatly arranges leaves, flowers, seashells, feathers and other natural objects.