While the economy may be slowing, that isn’t the case for those making the trek to Yellowstone National Park. In fact, in the month of July, nearly 1 million visitors decided to head to northwest Wyoming to see one of America’s treasures.

In July 906,935 visitors came to Yellowstone, making it the third year in a row that the park has seen such volume. July is almost always Yellowstone’s biggest month in terms of visitors, and the last few years have hammered this fact home.

In 2010, 957,785 visitors came to Yellowstone in July; in 2009, the official July visitor number was 900,515. The 2011 numbers from July mark the park’s second highest monthly visitor rate since it opened in 1872. Because of ideal weather conditions, and the summer vacation season, July is almost always the biggest month for Yellowstone in terms of attendance.

So what is the reason behind this sudden increase? Some are saying the slowing economy is playing a role. The Sacramento Bee quoted park spokesperson Al Nash saying, "We believe it has something to do with the economy … Visiting the park is a great value. A seven-day pass for a family is just $25; you can't even take a family to a movie and get by with spending $25.”

In case you were wondering, here are the official visitor numbers for the month of July in Yellowstone for the last five years. 

July recreational visitors, year to year

2011: 906,935

2010: 957,785

2009: 900,515

2008: 808,110

2007: 822,773

2006: 738,807

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As economy slows, Yellowstone attendance grows
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