More and more cities and towns are starting to relax their rules regarding urban chicken keeping. It's happening all over the country in states like Missouri, California, Maine and Wyoming.

With all the new attention being paid to raising chickens, you knew it'd only be a matter of time before the cool kids showed up.

Designer Maxime Evrard's take on the modern coop boldly arcs up out of the ground and feels more like a stage than a cage.

U.K.-based Omlet has an entire line of super-cool coops and hutches.

The Eglu Go


The Eglu Classic


The Eglu Cube


Omlet also makes a sweet beehive.


Modern Coop throws a modern twist on an old-school idea with their reclaimed cedar cool.


Check out Urban Chickens for more information on keeping chickens in the city (or 'burbs).

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Awesome modern chicken coops
Modern chickens need modern homes. Here are a few chicken coops that combine functionality with a hip cool sense of design.