Bear Grylls makes a living running around the woods with a camera crew making a TV shows about survivin'.

He recently found out that he's allergic to bees in the worst way -- while smoking out a bee hive to get at the sweet delicious honeycomb inside, he was stung in the face by an angry bee. His face quickly swelled up despite the folksy cure of smeared honey Bear applied to the sting. His face got downright balloonish. Check it out:

While he's no Les Stroud (the Survivorman, he goes into the woods sans filmcrew, a real badass survivalist), Bear Grylls is a pretty tough dude. I've seen him get out of some pretty hairy situations on his TV show, he spent years in the British Special Forces, and he climbed Mt. Everest when he was just 23. And he DID get that honey out with just one sting.

It's kind of funny to see a guy who has gone through so much get laid down so low by a such a small insect.

Of course, as bad as Bear's swollen face was, it was far better than what the stinging bee went through -- he died shortly after ripping his guts out on Bear's forehead.


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Bear Grylls taken down by a bee
TV survivalist Bear Grylls can fight dehydration, despair, and dark stormy weather, but he couldn't do anything against a stinger full of bee venom on a recent