A bird's-eye view of the beautiful shores of Norway's Lofoten Islands

September 16, 2015, 11:33 a.m.
Sunset aerial view on stunning mountains and lakes of Lofoten islands, Norway
Photo: David Varga/Shutterstock

The visually stunning area of the Lofoten Islands in Norway has an especially exciting draw for birders. The rocky coastline of the islands is where around one quarter of the country's entire bird population nests during the summer.

Lofoten Birding writes, "For a birdwatcher and photographer the possibilities are endless when it comes to birding in Lofoten. It is important to take your time to become familiar with the different breeding species. Nearly 100 pairs of White-tailed Eagles nest in Lofoten, good wetland sites offer dozens of breeding pairs of Slavonian Grebes, Redshanks, Oystercatchers, Arctic Skuas, terns and gulls nest along the coasts, Bluethroats, Willow and Rock Ptarmigan and Ring Ouzels along the hillsides and on the mountains – to mention a few."

There are dozens of species that can be spotted in spring and summer. So not only do travelers get to absorb the incredible scenery while enjoying hiking and boating, but it's also a place to check quite a few species off the birding list for the year.

Of course, it's also a dream location for not only bird photographers but also landscape and travel photographers. If you're looking for the next place to go with your camera in hand, this spot should get bumped to the top of your list.

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