Before you get hopping mad, the green kudos BP got is a tongue-in-cheek prize called The “2010 Accidental Earth Experiment Award.” The “award” was given out by TheGreenGrok, an environmental blog written by Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. Here’s how the blog describes the award:

The award is bestowed on that entity whose negligence and incompetence cause such great environmental devastation that among its consequences is the emergence of unique data scientists can use to study the Earth.
The award pokes fun at BP’s foibles — by pointing to an unfortunate silver lining. The oil spill, after all, was so disastrous that scientists are now able to study what happens, exactly, when human-made disasters of this scale go down. “How else could we learn what happens when you dump billions of barrels of oil into the gulf roughly a mile below the surface?” writes Erica Rowell, editor of TheGreenGrok.

In addition to shaming BP, TheGreenGrok’s award post also offers some real-life examples of scientific discoveries that were made about ocean microbes and global warming. Read the post to laugh and learn.

A big question still remains, however. Will the CEO of BP will come to Duke on April 1 to accept the award?

[via GOOD]

BP wins green blog award
The Gulf oil spill helps BP nab the 2010 Accidental Earth Experiment Award — for creating 'unique data scientists can use to study the Earth.'