A local council in Darwen, Lancashire, England, recently cut down almost 30 acres of trees because the woods were a known haven for people looking to have a little outdoor sex, or "dogging" as they call it over there.

The trees were planted after World War II and numbered in the thousands. The actual cutting was done by United Utilities, a company that claimed that it was because the trees were in danger of falling into the road — all 30 acres of them. A spokesperson for United Utilities told the Telegraph (UK) newspaper "They were old and at risk of falling into the road causing an accident. Following a health and safety survey, a license was applied for and granted through the Forestry Commission to fell them"

But police and town officials said the leveling had more to do with all the sex people were having in the woods.

There must not be much going on in that part of kingdom because Sgt. Mark Wilson of the Lancashire Police's Darwen Neighborhood Policing Team said, "It's an ongoing problem and very worrying for members of the public."

I'm not sure exactly why people having sex in the woods (come on, it can't have been THAT many people) should be of concern to the public. Sure, I could see getting upset if it was right off a hiking trail, but did they really need to chop all 30 acres just to stop people from getting down? Won't they just walk 40 feet further into the trees they didn't cut down? How far will they clearcut to keep people in their pants?

This story is too fun.

The area is being re-lanted with native natural broad leaf trees and should be nice again in a decade or two.

Via The Telegraph

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Brits cut down trees to block lovers
A town council in Lancashire, England ordered a utility company to cut down nearly 30 acres of trees to stop people from having wooded sex.