Bullfighter Julio Aparicio was on the receiving end of one hell of a shot of karma when a bull he was fighting managed to plunge one of his horns up into his chin and out his mouth.

Watch the video, if you can stomach it. Warning: It's VERY graphic. If blood and gore turn your stomach you might want to skip this one.


For his troubles, the bull was stabbed in the back and killed by other bullfighters. Which is how every bullfight ends.

I have sympathy for Mr. Aparicio's family, but the guy makes a living baiting and killing the bulls he "fights". It's a brutal sport and always ends with the bull being slaughtered in front of thousands of screaming and cheering fans.

Karma can be a real bleep sometimes.

Aparicio is currently in critical condition in the hospital after being rushed into surgery.

What do you think? Did he deserve the horn through the chin? Does bullfighting have a place in a sane and modern world?

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Bullfighter catches a horn through the chin
Bullfighter Julio Aparicio took a bull horn to the throat and was inches away from dying a horrible death. Watch the fight here (if you dare).