If you've ever dreamed of sequestering yourself from the rest of the world, Scotland's Eilean Nan Gabhar or "Island of the Goats" presents a tempting opportunity.

The 13-acre spit of land, nestled between two larger islands in the coastal waters of Loch Craignish, has hit the market for the first time in more than 70 years for the impulse-buying price of just under $155,000. While the name of the island appears to be a moniker only (no goats were listed as conveying with the purchase price), the property does contain what's described as "untouched nature" and "ancient woodland." According to one visitor, its natural bays also offer safe harbor for boats.

"This is a popular anchorage, not surprisingly being so close to Ardfern, but you can get it all to yourself in the spring or autumn," according to Scottish Anchorages. "There is nothing much special to do but one can scramble around on the rocks, both on the east side where the anchorage is and rather better just over the rise on the west side with great views up and down Loch Craignish. The undergrowth is rather impenetrable in the summer."

The Island of Goats is a popular anchorage spot for recreational boaters. The Island of Goats is a popular anchorage spot for recreational boaters. (Photo: Galbraith)

Those interested in owning this unique and wild piece of Scotland should act fast. According to the listing, bids will cease on August 30 at noon.

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Untouched island, complete with areas of ancient woodland, has been under the guardianship of one family for almost a century.