The Catholic League is upset about something again. (When aren't they?)

This time they're angry at model and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Joanna Krupa (also a Catholic, and for the record, I was born and baptized as a Catholic before converting to Pastafarianism) for appearing in a PETA ad wearing angel wings and holding a cross that's conveniently covering up her censorables. The ad encourages people to "Be and Angel for Animals -- ALWAYS ADOPT. NEVER BUY."

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, issued a fiery statement slamming PETA for the ad, saying: "The fact is that cats and dogs are a lot safer in pet stores than they are in the hands of PETA employees. Moreover, pet stores don't rip off Christian iconography and engage in cheap irreligious claims. PETA is a fraud."

Krupa didn't agree and said "It's understandable that the Catholic League is wary of another sex scandal, but the sex we're talking about pertains to dogs and cats. As a practicing Catholic, I am shocked that the Catholic League is speaking out against my PETA ads, which I am very proud of. I'm doing what the Catholic Church should be doing, working to stop senseless suffering of animals, the most defenseless of God's creation."

Here's the offending ad.

Here's some behind-the-scenes video and an interview with Krupa.

What do you think? Should the Catholic Church grow a thicker skin? Did PETA and Krupa go too far? Why is religious iconography off limits?

Visit PETA's campaign page.

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Catholic League upset over Joanna Krupa's PETA ad
Model and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Joanna Krupa has raised the hackles of the Catholic League over her PETA ad depicting her strategically holding a