Happy Earth Day.

I was a big fan of Someecards.com before this morning, but my appreciation has deepened after my friend Jaymi Heimbuch sent over a link with their collection of Earth Day-themed cards. They are all great (if a bit on the saucy side — if you're easily offended by adult themes and language you might want to refrain from clicking over), here are a few of my more PG-rated favorites.


And a happy birthday to my editor at MNN, Benyamin Cohen. Benyamin is a terrific guy and author of My Jesus Year, a great book that chronicle's the year he spent attending services at a new church every week (he grew up in a family home with an attached synagogue where his father lead service).

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Celebrate Earth Day with a healthy dose of irreverence
I wish you and yours a good and happy Earth Day. Enjoy this choice selection of Earth Day themed e-cards, with twist.