Click it for Good (formerly Like it for Good) turns your social media Likes, Tweets, +s, and Stumbles into real world environmental action. This week we are happy to feature the good folks from, who work tirelessly to preserve delicate ecosystems like the Parque Nacional Del Este coral reef in the Dominican Republic.


Every Like, Tweet, +, and Stumble that rains down over at the Click it for Good post will help preserve 43.5 square feet of coral reef. If we get 100 Likes, we'll be helping to preserve 4,350 square feet. 1,000 will save 43,500 square feet.


Click it for Good wouldn't be possible without our very awesome sponsors. This week's cause is sponsored by Mr. Solar, providers of fine solar panels and associated products. Mr. Solar knows solar panels.


Can you help? Swing over to Click it for Good and drop some social media love. Then become a Fan of Click it for Good so you can be on the front line of all our future causes and charities.


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Click it for Good: Turn a Like into protecting coral reef
This week's cause over at Click it for Good lets you turn your Facebook Likes into saving coral reef.