Note from Shea: This is a guest post by my buddy Michael d'Estries, a grizzled veteran of the green blogosphere who has written for just about everyone there is to write for, including MNN. He also founded, the leading green celeb site on the interwebs.

For those that have always wanted to live in a compost bin, may I present to you the Comploo tea house from the Japanese design firm Bakoko. Shaped like an alien spacecraft, the Comploo is ingenious in that it warms you with decomposing food. From Greenfudge,

This tea house is mainly comprised of compost bins arranged in a circular pattern, which forms the house enclosure. Guests can deposit food scraps and garden waste into the bins via doors located around the house. Once the compost starts generating heat, the heat will travel through the Comploo’s vented interior and keep visitors warm without wasting energy. The designers claim the tea house will fit into any location that has a continuous supply of organic waste.
According to the Bakoko website (which is just as much fun to say as "Comploo"), this design can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit when fully loaded with organic waste. I'm thinking sauna. Just bring over some beer — and any leftovers you have to get this thing crankin'.

If you visit the Bakoko site, click on 'Projects', and then 'Comploo'. Their site is all Flash so I can't link directly to the page.

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Composting house warms you with rotting food
The Comploo tea house ingeniously warms itself with the heat produced by rotting food composting in the bins built into the walls.